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Curiosity Corner

  • What makes CoCoDot Affection special?
    CoCoDot Affection strives to provide practical and green solutions to everyday needs. Inspired by our own young daughters and developed with children first in mind, our products are scientifically formulated using natural ingredients that are safe for your whole family - even the very youngest members. The Certclean stamp of approval assures our customers that our formulas are free of ingredients that have been recognized to cause harm to human health. Plant-based and petroleum-free, our products adhere to the strictest standards, including rigorous laboratory testing for safety, efficacy, and stability. Our environmentally-responsible manufacturing facility uses top-of-the-line, highly efficient machinery to minimize energy consumption and waste. Manufactured using primarily hydroelectricity instead of natural gas, our products leave a low carbon footprint, and any waste is safely contained in holding tanks, where it gets biodegraded over time. CoCoDot Affection is proud to support local - always made with Affection in British Columbia, Canada, our products are beautifully packaged and feature artwork from a young local artist.
  • What is CertClean?
    CertClean is North America's leading and most reliable certification for skincare. CertClean makes it easy for consumers to identify cosmetics and personal care products formulated without potential harmful chemicals that may compromise our health, such as carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.
  • Where can I buy CoCoDot Affection products?
    Our website is always open for online orders! For brick and mortar locations, keep checking back as we will be continually updating our list of retailers. Our products are currently sold in over 25 retail locations across Canada. We'd be happy to help you find a retailer near you - just email us at!
  • Wholesale inquires?
    We are always looking to expand the CoCoDot connection. Please send us an email at
  • Will you be adding to your product line?
    We always have something in the works. However, we take pride in the quality and consistency of our products. Although caring is sharing, we like to take things one careful step at a time to make sure we're doing our best to take care of you and your little ones.
  • What are the benefits of CoCoDot Affection's natural antimicrobial hand foam versus chemical sanitizers?
    As evidenced in hospital environments, the overuse of chemical cleaners and sanitizers may promote the growth of superbugs. Basically, they are so effective at eradicating germs, that the few that are left are the particularly resilient ones. It's a survival of the fittest situation - and in turn, it's the fittest that breed, evolving into deadly bacteria. By contrast, our natural foaming hand cleanser acts like a probiotic yogurt boost for your skin, helping it do what it's naturally meant to do. And that is to act as an effective protective barrier to keep you healthy. Our safe, all-natural formula contains no alcohol, so unlike chemical sanitizers, it does not strip or damage your skin, which puts you more at risk, but rather helps big hands and little hands promote and maintain an optimal, balanced environment for building up a strong immune system.
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