The CoCoDot Way

Two moms, three little girls, and a whole lotta love. 
Put it together and what have you got? CoCoDot!

A Note from CoCoDot:

Let us introduce ourselves. We’re Tammy and Yvonne, two busy moms of three little girls who love to ask questions and live their way into the answers.


We’re also the creators of CoCoDot Affection, a brand born out of our desire to find safer, healthier choices for our children and families. Our daughters are not only the inspiration for our brand and the motivation behind our efforts, but since we say “No!” to animal testing, they’re our guinea pigs, to boot!

Professionally formulated using natural ingredients, CoCoDot's kid-friendly products provide practical, green solutions to everyday needs. The Certclean stamp of approval assures our customers they are free of harmful toxins. Our products are plant-based, petroleum-free, and laboratory-tested for safety, efficacy, and stability. Locally manufactured in British Columbia, Canada, at an environmentally-responsible facility, our formulas are also beautifully packaged and feature artwork from a young local artist. 


With Affection always,


Tammy & Yvonne

Simple. Versatile. Pure. Dot dot dot.

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