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70% ethyl alcohol hand spray (bergamot & lavender) 180 ml

70% ethyl alcohol hand spray (bergamot & lavender) 180 ml


*Available in Canada only. This product does not ship to the U.S.


If your skin could talk, it would tell you that not all alcohol hand sanitizers are created equal. Our focus in creating this premium vegan formula for you was to deliver the antiseptic cleansing action you need while minimizing collateral damage to your skin. 


Our 70% ethyl alcohol formula is made with pharmaceutical-grade Canadian grain alcohol from non-gmo corn, meadowfoam seed oil to hydrate your skin and lock in moisture, and essential oils of bergamot and lavender. Health Canada approved to kill harmful bacteria/germs. NPN 80100500.


Plant-based and petroleum-free, and always made with Affection in Canada.