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key ring wrist huggle, rainbow, set of 2

key ring wrist huggle, rainbow, set of 2


Our CoCoDot Affection Kids collection is made...BY kids - surprise! Somewhere between a hug and a giggle, our non-absorbent Wrist Huggles are a stylish, hygienic way to wear your keys when you need them at hand.

Give your outfit a stylish twist
With a Key Ring Huggle around your wrist!
And if you find yourself in a pinch,
Wrist Huggles make tying your hair back a cinch.

  • Care instructions

    Tip: If the bracelet stretches out over time, simply drop it into a bowl of boiling water and watch the coils shrink back. Try placing it in your dishwasher basket and running through the hot cycle to sterilize it AND tighten it up at the same time!

  • A special note from one of our CoCoDot Kids

    Hello, my name is Maya. I am 7 and I like Shark Tank. It is one of my favorite TV shows.

    Now let's talk about business.

    The whole point of this project is so that my little sister Midori and I can learn more about money. We want to be entrepreneurs just like our mom!

    Our plan is to keep it simple and sell the things we create for $3.

    $1 goes to spending,
    $1 goes to saving, and
    $1 for sharing.

    Each time our sharing piggy bank reaches $20, we will decide who to donate to. We will tell you all about it on our blog! Please keep checking back on our website. We'll be adding new products!

    ~ by Maya (July 2020)

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