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How to Pick the Juiciest Sweetest Freshest Fruit Your Kids Will Love: Wisdom from Four Generations

<img src="poetry.png" alt="poetry by william carlos williams this is just to say - basket of delicious plums fruit kids love">
"This is Just To Say" by William Carlos Williams. Can a poem taste any yummier?

I like this poem because I can taste the nice sweet juicy plums and plums are one of my favourite fruits. Not only are they nutritious, but they are good for your heart, blood circulation, and cholesterol levels. Did you know that plums can even help fight cancer?

<img src="funny things kids say.png" alt="kids say the funniest things">
Tiger mom: "MY daughter was punning by the age of two..."

My grandma also says they help you poop when you are constipated.

Hi, it's Maya. Just so you know this post is just for fun because it's the end of summer.

By the way, this article is all about fruits and vegetables and our mom and grandma are going to help me and my sister with some tips on how to pick the best, sweetest, juiciest, freshest fruit that kids like me love to eat.

Since I am back at school and Midori just started Montessori kindergarten, we are now trying to eat more fruits and veggies and healthy stuff. Fruits and veggies have lots of sugar but good sugar and LOTS of vitamins and nutrients. Because Covid-19 is here, we need to be extra cautious about staying healthy and keeping up our immune systems.

It is refreshing on hot summer days to dig into a big ginormous very extra mega juicy crisp watermelon. Midori and I love everything melon, like our CoCoDot Affection Wonderful Day Natural Lotion Spray!

<img src="cocodot affection lotion spray.png" alt="cocodot affection natural lotion spray wonderful day melon scent fruit kids will love">
If you've got wiggly kids like Midori and me, you'll LOVE the convenience of our CoCoDot Affection Natural Melon-Scented Lotion Spray. They will, too!

Did you know that Midori and I once tried drinking out of a watermelon but our experiment failed? We stuck a straw into it and tried to suck some juice out but all we got was a tiny bit of juice, a lot of air, and two seeds. I think there wasn't enough juice in it. Midori was not very impressed.

<img src="juicy watermelon.png" alt="drinking from a watermelon experiment fail fruit kids love">
Some ideas are great in theory.

Hey, do you have a garden? We do. It’s in our front yard and we love it. It used to be in our backyard but it wasn’t getting enough sun so we moved it into our front yard. Turns out Mommy didn’t have black thumbs after all.

Our dad was the one who built it and I am so glad he did because I could not live without it. Our dad takes care of it and plants it but sometimes we help him. Once we even helped him paint our fence rainbow!

<img src="organic garden and rainbow fence kids will love.png" alt="Maya and Midori paint their fence rainbow in their organic garden">
Hand sanitizer can wait. There's a fence waiting to be painted rainbow!

There are lots of things growing like nice, big, juicy tomatoes and enormous cucumbers that look like tall towers, a forest of kale, and we had delicious sugar snap peas...

...and for the garden boxes we made little signs that say Mommy, Daddy, Bossy (he is our pet dog), Midori and Maya by painting on slats of wood.

And I love the smell. It smells like the garden soil and the nice green leaves. Our organic fruits and vegetables are sooooooo juicy and if you try to compare these to the store bought ones you would find no similarities.

<img src="little girl and dog in garden.png" alt="kids love growing the juiciest sweetest freshest fruit in their organic garden">
I could not live without our organic garden that Daddy built.

Once when I was in Grade 1, Ms. Nagle was teaching the difference between a house and a home. We needed to pretend that we were moving and we could only bring three things. I said that I wanted to bring my stuffies, my family and our tomatoes. That's how good they are.

<img src="what makes a house a home.png" alt="juiciest sweetest freshest tomatoes your kids will love">
Things that make my house feel like a home.

I have a question for you. Do you like veggies? I do. My favorites are cauliflower, broccoli and choy choy (that means “vegetable” in Cantonese). If you want to try Chinese stir-fried vegetables, here is our recipe from Po Po (that means “Grandma” in Cantonese).

<img src="choy.png" alt="healthy Chinese stir-fried vegetable recipe your kids will love">
Midori and I love our veggies - especially Grandma's choy!

Po Po's Stir-Fried Chinese Vegetables

Choy Perfection Every Time

~ by Grandma Vivien

What you'll need:

- Chinese veggies*

*Look for whatever is freshest and in season. Chinese people like to go to the market every day so we can use the freshest possible ingredients in every meal!

- Light cooking oil eg. avocado oil by Chosen Foods

Optional: olive oil, fresh ginger, garlic


Start with the freshest seasonal Chinese vegetables available at the produce stand. This basic technique works for almost all kinds of Chinese vegetables.

Cut off the ends of the stems and discard. Separate the leaves and cut into smaller pieces. (Some kinds of Chinese vegetables such as pea shoots will require more prep to strip off the tougher stalks). Soak in a large bowl of water and rinse thoroughly until all sand and dirt wash loose. Drain.

Heat the wok on medium high. Add enough avocado oil to cover most of the bottom. At this point, you may add two thin slices of ginger (julienned for extra flavour), and one or two cloves of garlic, crushed and finely diced. Skip these ingredients if cooking for young children who may not have developed a taste for these flavours.

When the oil is hot enough, it will smoke a bit. By now, the ginger and garlic will also have had time to infuse. Add vegetables and start stirring immediately to prevent burning. Add a pinch of salt. Turn down the heat to medium setting. You may add a bit of olive oil for extra luster. Keep stirring until soft and tender (or cooked to your preference - some like it crunchy!) and adjust salt to taste.


Thank you, Po Po! You are the best grandma ever! Midori and I like to eat choy choy with chopsticks. We learned with training chopsticks similar to these but we can use big girl chopsticks now. Do you know how to use chopsticks? Here are some tips for teaching your child to use chopsticks!

And finally, here are our:

Top 5 tips for picking the best, sweetest, juiciest, freshest fruit that kids like us love to eat

1) Watermelon

This is a hack from my great grandmother. She grew up on a watermelon farm and she told Po Po and Po Po told Mommy and Mommy told me.

<img src="watermelon tip.png" alt="how to pick the juiciest sweetest freshest watermelon your kids will love">
My great grandmother had a no-fail method for picking the best watermelon every time!

On both ends of a watermelon, there is a brown dot. The bigger dot is where the watermelon was attached to the stem. You have to look for the smaller dot on the other end. Pick the watermelon with the smallest dot you can find because that will be the best, most juiciest, most crispest, most sweetest watermelon in the world of watermelons!

Po Po also likes to knock on watermelons. If they feel a bit bouncy, that's a good thing, too.

2) Pineapple

Tug at the spikes and if they come out easily, the pineapple is ready!

3) Melons (other than watermelons)

Pick the ones that are heavy for their size. If they’re heavy, they’re stuffed with juice like a pillow that is full of feathers. When they’re really juicy, they drip down my arms all the way to my elbows!

4) Oranges

<img src="oranges.png" alt="how to pick the juiciest sweetest freshest oranges your kids will love">
It's ok to judge an orange by its skin

This is another tip from my great grandmother: look for the ones that have thin skins and are heavy for their size. If an orange’s skin is lumpy, bumpy and pebbled, then it’s probably not so thin.

5) Bananas

Po Po says these should be fat, not long. If they are long and skinny they will not be as sweet and flavourful. I’ve heard that if you don’t want to get bitten by mosquitoes you should stop eating bananas in the summer. Do you know if this is true? Mosquitoes love to drink my blood and Midori’s, too!

Do you have a favorite fruit? My favorite fruit is yellow dragon fruit (also known as yellow pitaya) and Midori’s favorite fruit is hami melon, and we both LOVE golden kiwi. Po Po says they are very nutritious. Try them if you haven't already!

Green Kiwi Meat Tenderizer Hack

If you want your beef to be tender, you should put a little kiwi and mix it together, and that will tenderize your meat! This is a trick Po Po learned and she says it works!

<img src="kids picking berries.png" alt="how to pick the juiciest sweetest freshest berries your kids will love">
Berry picking with my friends at Krause Berry Farms

Midori also loves strawberries and we went blueberry, strawberry and blackberry picking this summer at Krause Berry Farms with our friend Auntie Cindy. Auntie Cindy is an entrepreneur just like my mom. My friends Z & K are always wearing the cutest socks from Koowawa. Their socks are cute and fuzzy and comfy and Midori and I give them a thumbs up.

Before I forget, did you know you can even make tea from berries? Po Po and Mommy do.

Goji berry tea is delicious and has lots of health benefits, and it's very easy to make. All you need is hot water and goji berries like these!

What are some of your best fruit and veggie tips, hacks and secrets? Share them with us in the comments!


Disclosure: Blogging is hard work! One of Daddy's sayings is, "It's hard, it's difficult, but it's worth it." Mommy has helped me set up some links in my blog so that one day, my hard work will hopefully pay off. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some links lead to other affiliate programs that also allow me to earn commission if you make a purchase through them. Any commission earned will be going into a college fund for me and my little sister Midori!

CoCoDot Affection specializes in certified safe, 100% natural and toxin-free personal care products for eco-conscious kids and their families. Shop our collection for the best alcohol hand sanitizers, natural soaps, and the best in clean beauty!

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