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(VIDEO) How to pack a homeless care kit: A blessing bag for Uncle Mark

~ by Maya, age 7

On Thanksgiving, my little sister and I packed a special homeless care package for our Uncle Mark:

Hey everyone, today I am going to show and tell you the homeless care package we made for Uncle Mark. If you haven't been following my blog, Uncle Mark is one of our dad's friends and he is homeless. You can read a true story I wrote about him here.

In my first blog post, I wrote about three piggy banks: Spend, Save and Share. Midori and I put all our money from our sister business making and selling things into these jars.

We saved up enough money until we reached our first goal of $20 in each jar.

We took the $20 from our Saving piggy bank and my sister and I went to the bank and split the $20 and deposited $10 each into our savings accounts.

Then we took the $20 from our Sharing piggy bank and went to Freshco to buy a grocery gift card for Uncle Mark.

Mommy bought some peanut butter and granola bars for Uncle Mark and we gave him a CoCoDot Affection Antimicrobial No-Rinse Hand Foam but we wanted to add to it because it didn't seem like quite enough. In my last post, I asked everyone for ideas for Uncle Mark's care package. Not only did we get ideas, but we also got some donations! We went around town collecting them and added them to the blessing bag.

Contents of homeless care package include cocodot hand foam poncho hat socks peanut butter granola bars razors toiletries grocery gift card
We got lots of great ideas from our little community, and generous donations, too!

We packed:

- 10 pairs of socks

- some cologne

- shampoo

- body wash

- a toque

- a poncho

- razors

- granola bars

- McDonald's coffee cards

- a big jar of peanut butter

- a $20 Freshco gift card, and

- a card I wrote for Uncle Mark

I hope Midori learned that homeless people need a lot of help. I felt happy to be giving Uncle Mark a care package and I also felt lucky that I have a home.

We haven't decided what to do with the money in our Spending piggy bank jar yet. If we ask Midori, she'll probably say she wants to buy a roll of gum because I used have a roll of gum all to myself, but I still shared some with her. As for me, I would like buy something that my whole family can enjoy.


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