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Helping the Homeless: What a Homeless Man Taught Me and My Family | A Care Package for Uncle Mark

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Hi, it’s Maya. Midori (who is my little sister in case you haven't read my other posts) says hi too.

Sorry I haven't written any blog posts in awhile because we are child entrepreneurs and are very busy.

Mommy's little helpers were too busy helping our mom with a big order. A lady overseas wants to sell our Antimicrobial Hand Foam and our Natural Organic Unscented Foaming Hand Wash. These foaming soaps are Midori's favourite CoCoDot Affection product. She says that she likes them because they wash away germs!

I had to cut a giant roll of bubble wrap into smaller sheets. It was as big as my sister!

<img src="bubble-wrap.png" alt="girl cuts bubble wrap packaging to help family business>
Focus and determination. A job half done is as good as none.
<img src="hug.png" alt="little girl hugs huge bubble wrap roll loves her family's small biz">
No job is too big...although she'd rather be watching Paw Patrol!

Midori's job was to help our mom count bottles and in this picture Midori is getting some bottles out of a box with her bum so high up in the air and her head so deep in the box that she almost fell in!

<img src="girl.png" alt="little girl helping mompreneur falls headfirst into cardboard box">
Work or play? "Family-run business" means even the littlest one helps out!

Our dad's job was quality control. He had to check and tighten all the bottles to make sure they wouldn't leak because they are going somewhere so far away overseas and will be on an airplane.

It takes a lot of teamwork to build up our small family business.

Speaking of small business, my sister and I have been busy selling our Maya & Midori products. Our most popular product is our Rainbow Key Ring Wrist Huggles. One time we even got an order all the way from a school in Ireland!

<img src="letter.png" alt="child entrepreneur addresses letter to Ireland to mail rainbow spiral hair ties">
Sending Rainbow Huggles to Ireland

Our Spend Save Share sharing piggy bank is almost at $20. We have $19 right now so we only need $1 more before it is time to make our first donation and give back to the community.

Thank you for your great charity suggestions but we are going to save them for next time. I've been thinking a lot about Uncle Mark. Our dad knew him and they played sports together as little boys.

Uncle Mark is different from Daddy's other friends. Uncle Mark is homeless.

<img src="homeless.png" alt="help homeless man sitting on sidewalk">
Daddy recognized this homeless man right away.

Once we saw him sitting on the sidewalk outside Superstore and bought him some cupcakes. When we gave them to him he reached into a bag, pulled out a loaf of bread, and gave it to us. We were so surprised and touched.

How did Uncle Mark end up like this? Why doesn't he have someone to love him and take care of him? Are there even homeless families and homeless children? How many homeless shelters are there in Canada? How many homeless women and men are there?

Midori and I are thinking of putting together a care package for him but we need some ideas from you so we know what to put in it. Midori wants to give him a bottle of our CoCoDot Affection Alcohol Hand Sanitizer. What do you think he will like? We want to make sure we choose wisely because we only have $20. Please tell us your blessing bag ideas in the comments!

There are many homeless people out there and I don’t think that Midori and I can help them all. Homelessness in Canada is a big problem. Maybe you can help the homeless, too, and make someone that is homeless in your community feel better.


CoCoDot Affection specializes in certified safe, 100% natural and toxin-free personal care products for eco-conscious kids and their families. Shop our collection for the best alcohol hand sanitizers, natural soaps, and the best in clean beauty!


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