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#SpendSaveShare with CoCoDot Affection #Kidpreneurs ~ An Early Start on #FinancialLiteracy

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

<img src="swing.png" alt="child entrepreneur plays on swing set with kid entrepreneur little sister">
I may be an entrepreneur, but I still find time to be 7!

Hello, my name is Maya. I am 7 and I like Shark Tank. It is one of my favorite TV shows.

Now let's talk about business.

The whole point of this project is so that my little sister Midori and I can learn more about money. We want to be entrepreneurs just like our mom!

Our plan is to keep it simple and sell the things we create for $3.

$1 goes to spending,

$1 goes to saving, and

$1 for sharing.

Each time our sharing piggy bank reaches $20, we will decide who to donate to. We will tell you all about it on our blog!

Shop our website or visit us on Etsy at our CoCoDotAffectionShop! Don't forget to keep checking back for new products.



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