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#SpendSaveShare with CoCoDot Affection #Kidpreneurs ~ An Early Start on #FinancialLiteracy

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

<img src="swing.png" alt="child entrepreneur plays on swing set with kid entrepreneur little sister">
I may be an entrepreneur, but I still find time to be 7!

Hello, my name is Maya. I am 7 and I like Shark Tank. It is one of my favorite TV shows.

Now let's talk about business.

The whole point of this project is so that my little sister Midori and I can learn more about money. We want to be entrepreneurs just like our mom!

Our plan is to keep it simple and sell the things we create for $3.

$1 goes to spending,

$1 goes to saving, and

$1 for sharing.

Shop our website or visit us on Etsy at our CoCoDotAffectionShop! Don't forget to keep checking back for new products.



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